What happens to my waste?

What happens to my rubbish

This is a very common question; people want to be responsible and try and help the environment. 


During your waste collection job, you will probably see us trying to sort your rubbish into different types - wood in one pile, plastic in another, and so on.  This is because when we arrive at the commercial dump, we offload the rubbish in different recycling areas.  

About 80% of your rubbish will be recycled.  It is mainly the hard plastics, mattresses and composite materials that sadly end up in landfill.  

We are very big on upcycling and repairing - for example most Sundays, you can find us at the Cheddar Car boot sale selling all the unwanted items that have been collected that week.

Also, we try not to throw away old furniture. Instead, we take items to charity stores or organisations like homeless shelters, etc.  My wife often gets involved in restoring old furniture. It's amazing what a good coat of duck egg can do to a tired old chest of drawers. 

So, in answer to your question, we do our utmost to ensure we throw away as little as possible!