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Hello and welcome to my amazing Man with a Van business, I am the proud owner of two vans.  One clean one for doing removal work and one dirty one for doing waste clearances.  

I'm confident you'll find the solution you are looking for.  

Waste clearance

Hello and welcome to my waste clearance business! 

I'm here to help you get rid of any unwanted rubbish, junk, or clutter from your home or office. Whether you need a one-off clearance, a regular service, or a full house clearance, I can handle it all with professionalism and efficiency. 

I have the experience, the equipment, and the passion to make your space clean and tidy again. No job is too big or too small for me. 

I offer competitive prices, flexible scheduling, and eco-friendly disposal methods. Contact me today and let me take care of your waste clearance needs!

The great thing about using a man-with-a-van rubbish clearance team, as opposed to a skip, is that we do all the loading for you at no extra charge.

Our vans are big and we have big muscles for lifting all the heavy stuff, so before you know it all the rubbish has gone and you have a nice clear space back. 

So, sit back, adopt your favourite Yoga position, and let us do all the hard work for you.


What happens to my waste?


If you have something to move, then we are the guys for you. Don't worry if it's a small job, like moving a single sofa. We love the small jobs as much as the bigger ones.

We normally work in pairs and are best suited to small-to-medium-sized jobs, like small house and flat moves. We also collect and deliver items to storage sites. 

Another helpful service for you is our collection and delivery service, suitable for items purchased at large stores. We can collect sofas, fridges and other oversized goods for you, and bring them home to you.

We also get asked to deliver or collect large items purchased through sites like ebay. Simply let us know the collection or delivery point, and we will work out a quote for you.

It is also nice for you to know you are dealing with a local business that knows the area and wants the best result for you.  

Commercial moves are also right up our street! We help local businesses move office equipment and furniture to new sites, or into storage.  

We've also done some international moves to places like France, Spain and Jersey.  


We strive to offer the best level of service to suit your budget and requirements.

If you are moving a large house and require multi van loads or a small lorry then we recommend you use the services of Tim Ryan of Tim Ryan's removals, he has two large Luton sized vans and is equipped for larger house moves.  You can contact him on 07834274881


How to pack for removals.


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You found us - fantastic!

I always ask customers why they use my business, as opposed to the competition, and the answer is simple.

We care about the small things, like answering the phone and replying to enquiries.  If we are running late, we will call you to let you know.  We try to explain our pricing, so there are no nasty surprises.  These simple things often get missed by the big companies. But we focus on trying to get things right from the start, especially the small things.

I'm sure you are busy so please call 0800 0487305 and speak to our lovely admin assistant Shelley, who will assist you with your enquiries, or use the Contact Us page and fill in the form.

How it started ...

Well, it was a hot sunny day back in 2012, and I got a call from a friend who had a man-with-a-van business.  He was short-staffed and needed someone who was strong, very funny and really good-looking to help him for a few days. So he called his brother in law! Sadly, he was unavailable so he reluctantly decided to call me instead and, as luck would have it, I was available. 

I really enjoyed it. The work was hard: lots of lifting and chucking heavy things into the van and back out again.  I must say, there is not much thinking involved - just chuck the rubbish in the van, drive down the dump and chuck it back out again; then rinse and repeat. 

This kind of work is perfect for me because I was never a big thinker. I was really good at smashing the square peg through the round hole!  I also love coffee (black, no sugar), stopping for a burger and talking nonsense all day, I didn't really know it, but I was the perfect white van man.

So I sold my house, cashed in all my bitcoins and bought my first van.  I was rolling along - it was just me and the open road - but it quickly dawned on me there was something missing.  OMG, I need customers! Where do you find them?  This was a steep learning curve, and at times it was as frustrating as trying to find the lost tv remote on a Friday night!

With some well placed adverts (one of which I think you've seen) I did find customers and the business began to grow. Happy customers recommended me to other people, and before I knew it, I had other problems like trying to manage my diary, answer the phone and doing all the admin.  So, I started to use an independent admin service and now all my calls are answered by the lovely Shelley. She manages my diary and helps customers with questions, etc. 

Having a van means I was also being asked a lot to do small removal or collection jobs, the problem is you can’t do removals jobs in the same van you do rubbish clearance with for obvious reasons.  So, I’ve since purchased a Luton Van which I use to do the removals with, also Roland and Ryan have joined my team and between the three of us we manage to get all the jobs done.

So, this completes my story.  It has been an amazing journey so far, and each day is a new adventure, it’s like starring in my own reality tv show.

Hopefully, I will be visiting you soon!

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